3 Tips that Make Writing Less of a Pain


No one said writing is easy.  But it's probably not as hard as you're making it seem.

Here are a few tips to put an end your whining so you can start spitting hot fire from your keyboard.

1.  Use Conversation

You're talking to one person.  Not an email list or an audience.  You're talking to that one person that's reading your post or email.

Make them feel it.  And it's not just using "you."

In fact, using "you" too much can make them feel like a target rather than a partner.  Make it "we" but still make it clear that this is a one-on-one conversation meant to help that specific person.

If you're segmenting and targeting is on-point, you should be able to get pretty specific.

2.  Talk out Loud

Like a maniac if you have to.  Talking while you write helps you find those weird things that look fine on the screen but sound rather awkward as someone reads it themselves.  It happens a lot more often than you think.

To be honest, that's why most people aren't good writers.  If they were to read what they just wrote out loud, they'd feel how awkward and uncomfortable it sounded.

Speak out loud.  Honestly, I speak out loud even more during editing because that's when you want to get the voice just write.  But in the writing stage it's for sure a help too.

3.  Shake it Out

Don't feel confined to your chair.  This isn't Office Space.

Some people like doing 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off, or some similar form of working and resting periods.  Those are cool, but I'm more of the "when you're not feeling it, don't force it" crowd. 

Sometimes you are crushing it for an hour, sometimes only 15 minutes.  Point is, you can feel it when it's flowing.  When it's not flowing, get up and walk around or something, and then come back to it.

Letting it breathe for a second is a great way to let those words and ideas come back to you.



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Tyler Koenig