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“You wrote all this content yourself?”

“Damn right.”

My name is Tyler Koenig, and I’ve been a copywriter and brand strategist for over 5 years.

I began my career with Agora, the world’s biggest information publisher. Since branching off on my own, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands, coaches, and entrepreneurs to launch 6 and 7 figure businesses, and build huge mail lists.

Now I run two communities where I help over 2,000 other writers do the same for their business.


And while I’ve enjoyed crafting stories for companies, I’ve shifted my focus to the entrepreneur.

More specifically, coaches and consultants with a story to tell.

One of my most recent clients is Ryan, mindfulness coach that had an idea in his head for 10+ years, but he didn’t know the right way to put it all together.

Tell me if any Ryan’s problems sounds familiar:

  • He was frozen - with tons of ideas and half-finished pieces of content that he didn’t know how to publish.

  • He was nervous - he didn’t know if was telling his story in the right way, and if he brought value that wasn’t already out there in some way.

  • He was overwhelmed - by the sea of copywriting, content, and persuasion books and articles that make it seem straight-forward, even though it was anything but.

He was ready to create his tribe, sell his coaching/mentorship program, and build a rockstar brand that people trust, follow, and love.

He had plenty to say, and there was no way in hell some freelancer would’ve been able to tell the story how it needed to be told.

Some of it was strategy. Some of it was having the systems in place.

But a lot of his hesitation was due to that little voice stuck in every coaches, consultant, and blogger’s mind.

You know. That voice.

The over-thinker. The imposter syndrome. The shit-talker.

The one that says “you’re crazy if you think people will like your writing.”

The one that makes you question whether your content is good enough to grab and convert an audience.

When Ryan and I started working together, that little voice started to fade away.

He started to understand how to use his personal story to persuade.

Because the truth is, everyone has a story to tell. The hard part is translating that story into content that makes his audience turn to you for guidance.

How to identify what makes your voice unique, and how to apply a central theme to what he writes to build authority.

He learned how to give focus to his content, and organize it in a way that people can follow. He told a story with his story. He became confident in voice.

What changes when you can find your voice?

  • Rather than a Google Drive folder full of halfway-finished posts, he was able to identify the core of his topics, and what each one was used for.

  • Rather than being nervous that his topi

Case Study: Ryan Delaney

Ryan is a spiritual coach who’s had his story ready to share with the world for 10 years. He had the ability, but needed help focusing and crafting his message. Now he’s finally getting a chance to share everything he’s learned over the years.

You get personalized copywriting coaching covering material within these 4 modules:

Voice & Audience:

Honing in on your target audience. Figuring out your super power. Finding inspiration

Elements of Persuasion

How to build authority. Structuring your content + SEO. Taglines & CTAs

Content Creation

Writing and editing strategies. Scheduling your writing. Something


Finding your unique style & voice. Peer review. Content strategy


Personal access to my weird copywriting brain through unlimited email access, weekly calls, writing assignments, and copy critiques like this:


Damn Write! will give you a copywriting foundation to build your audience.

You’re already an expert in your field. You’ve got the know-how, the experience, and most of all the story that connects with people on a deeper level.

My coaching will give you the fundamentals of copywriting to create a brand that your audience loves.

Rather than wasting endless time going and forth with your copy, you’ll be able to write and edit more efficiently, and make sure you’re hitting each key point.

With me, you’ll learn the essentials of persuasive copywriting and audience building.

Things like:

- How to pre-sell your offer, without being salesy

- How to choose which elements of your story to highlight

- How to give your writing flow and purpose

- How to choose the right software and growth tools

- How to set a daily/weekly schedule to work in your business AND on your business

Doing it yourself leaves too much interpretation. The madness that comes when you’ve been going back and forth over the same copy.

I’ll push you to get copy out the door. No waiting around.

Who am I? And why should you trust me to lead you to content nirvana?


My name is Tyler, and I’m a copywriter that makes it my business to persuade.

I learned copywriting at Agora, one of the world’s top direct-response publishers.

In the past 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands and entrepreneurs to build lists, make millions of dollars, and tell their story.

Now I help writers. Writers like you who just need a push in the right direction.

When you work with me, you get honesty. No ass-kissing or hand-holding.

As long as you’re willing to work, I promise that you will start feeling more confident about your writing and the processes that you’re creating.

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Case Study: Natalie Hennekam

Natalie made the shift from party-girl to early-riser. She wanted to help others do the same. Like many coaches, Natalie just had trouble finding her writing voice. All the tools were there, I just helped her get them organized.

I’ll help build your copywriting foundation. Then you can do it all again yourself.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have:

  • a clear brand voice and defined niche to write for

  • a system to create blog posts, sales letters, and stuff.

  • 1 fully ready to publish piece of content

  • 4 recorded video sessions of our weekly calls


  • Audience research templates

  • A sales page template

  • Email access to me

Who it’s best for:

  • Coaches, consultants, or bloggers with an offer and idea of content to publish

Time Commitment:

  • For most writers, it is 6-8 weeks. But it depends on each writer. We’ll work together as long as it takes to get your piece of content published.


  • $1200 (Payment plans available)

Limited Space:

I only work with 2-3 writers at a time. Please apply and we’ll have a call to determine if my coaching is right for you.

If you just need another set of eyes on your copy, I also offer one-off copy critiques.

Any questions? Hit me.