How to make your writing more engaging.

Scroll down for videos and notes from my presentation at Selina Hostel in Medellín.

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Speak Out Loud

Sounding like yourself is crucial.  Speaking out loud while you write (and edit) will help you sound more natural, and make your message more personal. 

Write with Momentum

Your goal is to get your reader to the end of whatever you wrote.  That's first.  Second, it's to make sure they stay engaged and come away feeling good.  

Cut the C.U.B.

C.U.B. = Confusing, Uninteresting, Boring.  You don't need me to tell you why having that in your writing is bad.  Don't force something if it's not there.

Use Broetry

You know those one sentence paragraphs, that sound deep and insightful but seem like marketing hoo-hah?  Yeah, those have a name.  And they work.  

At the end of the presentation, I shared a simple approach to daily writing.

It's a 5 minute video that will help you consistently finish writing projects.

Click Here to Watch 'Daily Writing Approach'