Quintin Ford - Agency Owner & Master of Consistency


Consistency is hard. Especially when the end result isn't 100% clear.

I talked with Quintin Ford, a marketer and entrepreneur from LA who has found a way to do write EVERY FREAKIN' DAY while keeping up with his responsibilities as an agency owner. (a world-class agency at that)

He's learned a lot and shared some powerful insight on how we can all do a little better on social media.



1:05 - How Quintin got his start

5:30 - Why he writes everyday

7:45 - How he stays on point

8:24 - Experimenting with content

11:00 - Words of wisdom 


Most people can't stick with posting for more than a week, and then they wonder why they aren't getting any recognition.

If you're having trouble finding meaning in posting everyday, or you always come back to "who really cares?" ...

Watch this. ✌

Tyler Koenig