15 Second Book Review: 11.22.63 by Stephen King


Yo, this book was really cool, mostly because timetravel.

No one in the world (at least beyond the 7-8 authors I've ever read HA...ha...) is as good at 'ol Stevie at describing the scene.

It gets especially fly because as you may have deduced, the main character goes back into 1963 to stop the assassination of JFK.

This book centers on the ultra-cool concept of butterfly effect.  Rather than Ashton Kutcher doing a thing and making the world end (is that what happens in the movie?  That's what I assume happens in the movie.), you see the more realistic idea that most things stay the same.

But certain things don't.

It's got love, fights, mystery, all that.

It's one of the longer books from the horror dude him horror self but it's worth it.

Check it out - 11.22.63 (Goodreads link)

Edit: I didn't even know they made a show about it but...James Franco and other people did and I heard it's decent.  If you've seen it lemme know how it is.

Tyler Koenig