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When you sign up, I’ll give you access to my User Persona folder in Google Drive.


This is my private folder of templates to help you:

- Understand the different tiers within your audience and how to communicate with them.

- Identify your audience’s internal problems and link them to external problems and symptoms.

- Create a User Persona that you can share and edit with Google Docs.

Plus, videos and examples that walk you through each process.

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Bonus: You’ll also get a PDF version of my Freelance Copywriting Guide.


18,000+ words covering every stage of creating a successful freelance copywriting business, from evaluating your current situation, to setting up your foundation, to actually finding and signing clients.


You don’t have time for useless crap…so I won’t send you any useless crap. Only actionable writing insights and copywriting lessons that any writer can appreciate.

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