The 4-Step Formula to Writing with Momentum


The number one goal of copy is to get whoever is reading it all the way to the end.  That's usually where the good stuff is.

Think of your writing like a movie plot. 🎬

There's the buildup...some unsure moments and sticky situations...a peak moment of drama/action/suspense... and then the come back to earth "hey that was pretty nuts, huh?" to finish it off.

It's a formula that works equally well for writing.  It creates natural momentum that prevents your reader from getting confused, stuck or lost.

Here's how to do it in 4 steps:


1.  Introduce the problem early.  Casual at first, but then go into why it really is a serious issue.

2.  Talk about what could happen if the problem goes unsolved.  Make it personal.

3.  Transition to your solution.  Use a "but luckily I know what to do" approach to work in your authority.

4.  Create urgency. Describe why solving this problem should be prioritized.

Follow that outline & add spice as needed. 

Like the dude in the video says - always build on what you just said in the previous line or section.

Take your reader on nice trip, even if it's a short one.


If you have an email list, momentum will never be stronger than when someone first joins.  Take advantage with my welcome sequence that wakes them up right away.

Tyler Koenig