Clarify Your Values!


Full clarity is rare.  It's why we don't trust anything.

Like companies.

It's easy to post a grand manifesto that claims your helpfulness to the world.  Actually clarifying what you mean and showing it in the things you produce is another story.

Most just don't bother.

If you say you're "creative" and "innovate" ... show me.

If your service is built to deliver personalized experiences that will capture my vision, tell how you plan on doing so.

Stating but not clarifying your principles does two things:

1) Makes you seem disingenuous.

2) Leaves your words open to interpretation.

Those beliefs and values are what are supposed to set you apart from the 30 other competitors clawing for your lead's attention.

They’re called your BELIEFS and VALUES for Christ's sake.

You'd better go a little deeper than some bullet points and buzz words.

How to Clarify Your Values

Inject them.  Everywhere.

Your values shouldn’t be dying somewhere on an about me page that you only show to new hires.  They should be sprinkled throughout your content, website, social media, emails and ads.

You need to hammer that idea home so that everything is focused on those beliefs that DRIVE YOUR FREAKING COMPANY.

It’s not just some list of things that don't really matter.

In theory, it's an explanation of why your company exists.

Clarifying your values will give you a stronger, more consistent voice.

Ask yourself.

What ideas and beliefs do you really want to rest your company on?  Are you prepared to support them with your product, content, and customer service? 

Do you believe what you're telling yourself?

Sometimes you need to take a step back and figure out what is actually important to you.

Lying to yourself might work for a little while, but it'll end up being a lot more painful.

If you don’t believe in your principles, why would anyone else?

If you want people to stand by you for the things you believe in, be consistent with them.

Even if they aren't super-unique, you should still find a way to make them feel specific to your brand.

Being clear about what you value will attract people who value those same things.

So long as you don’t half-ass it, it’s the best and most natural way to pre-qualify customers. 

If they're not pickin' up what you're puttin' down, then you both can just keep it moving.

But if they are...


Then you might just have a new best friend.


Wanna talk?  Same.  Schedule a call.

Tyler Koenig