Mr. Feedback

Get actionable feedback & recommendations for your self-written content.

Writing for yourself is the way to go, but sometimes you need a little backup.

Mr. Feedback is the best way to get professional copywriting advice for your blog post, sales page, ebook, or email sequence.

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes on your content.

Fresh eyes are good eyes. 

Here's how it works:


Discovery Call

A virtual coffee, if you will.  We'll link up to talk about you, your project, and any pesky issues that you'd like me to pay special attention to.


Feedback: Video + Doc

I'll go through your piece adding comments and suggestions.  When I'm done, I'll send back the doc along with a video analysis on the piece, and you as a writer.


Email Support

I'm available for as long as you need to publish your piece.  I'm happy to give any feedback and suggestions so that your post can go live ASAP.


As an entrepreneur, marketer, or blogger, writing for yourself ensures that you words are genuine.

Only you have the emotions, experience, and insight to say it the right way.

(Not to mention - no one has time for 4 painful rounds of revisions with a disappointing freelancer)

If you already have the core message that you want to hit, I'll help you flush out opportunities to make it great.

I'll do 5 specific things for you:

I'll make sure your writing is clear, conversational, and that it makes a strong first impression. 
I'll help you cut out anything that's confusing, uninteresting, or boring.
I'll make sure your writing takes advantage of momentum to bring the reader through to the end.
I'll make sure there's no weird sounding phrases that you might've missed.
I'll make sure it captures your voice and positions you as friendly and relatable.

When we're done, you'll have:

  • Full comments and analysis on your piece
  • 2 video recordings for reference (discovery call + feedback)
  • Suggestions on how to improve as a writer
  • Answers to any burning question you have

And I ain't goin' nowhere.  We can stay in touch via e-mail as long as you need to get it right.

    Does that weird thing with my hands make you trust me more?  Great!

    Hiring writers sucks.  This doesn't.

    Mr. Feedback is perfect for:

    • business owners who already have writers but need a second opinion.
    • entrepreneurs who want to expedite their publishing.
    • marketers who want to double check their work before submitting.
    • bloggers who want to sound more like themselves.

    You'll got honest and specific feedback to improve your content.

    My ultimate goal is to help make your writing sound more like YOU.

    The 3 ways we can do this:


    One Piece

    Up to 500 words

    2 Video Recordings (Initial Call + Commentary)

    Email follow up

    $75 USD


    Two Piece

    500-1000 words

    2 Video Recordings (Initial Call + Commentary)

    Email follow up

    $130 USD


    Three Piece

    1000-2000 words

    3 Video Recordings (Initial + Comm. + Wrap up)

    Email follow up 

    $180 USD

    If you have more than 2000 words, you can add multiple packages at checkout.

    Based on our discovery call, I'll analyze how well your content aligns with your brand, appeals to your audience, and holds attention long enough to be effective.

    And most importantly, how to take action.

    Here's a sample of what the feedback is like:



    How much feedback do you give?  It's usually 5-7 minutes of video commentary per 500 words (in addition to detailed comments in the margins).

    What do I do with the videos?  They're your custom editing guides.  Use my feedback to confirm a sneaking suspicion, brighten up a dull spot, tighten up the flow, etc.  The exact wording will depend on you, but I'll have some specific recommendations.

    How long does it take?  2-3 days depending on word count.

    Can you write for me?  No, but I can help. Email me.

    Why should I trust you?  Keep reading.


    Take this as literally as possible — I learned from the best.

    I started my career as a strategist and copywriter with Agora, a billion-dollar publishing company that pretty much wrote the book on direct-response.

    Direct-response = writing to convert ($$$).

    In 2014, I left Agora.  I moved back to California and started working with some of the top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

    Now I develop content for startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs while traveling the world and helping people write.

    Untitled design (91).png

    So here we are.  Decision time.

    Instead of trusting a freelancer to write your piece, trust a professional copywriter to give you a nudge in the right direction.

    I'll help you find that balance between authority and conversation.  The type of writing that makes people want to take action.

    Let's make it happen.



    Tyler J Koenig

    Aka Mr. Feedback

    Copywriter & Strategist