Ideal for writers who…

…are getting ready to send their “final first draft” to a client.

….have already gotten client feedback but feel unsure how to take their direction.

….have gotten unhelpful or confusing feedback that needs deciphering.

….need general recommendations due to a lack of direction.

….want to take a second look at their voice & audience targeting.

How it works:

Fill out a questionnaire and send me your copy.

Get it back two days later with feedback.

Ask questions via email or Facebook (if you want).


Sample of video feedback:



A small investment now will shave hours off the time it takes to finalize your project. A fresh set of eyes can really do wonders.

$99 per 500 words.

Includes written feedback & suggestions + video analysis.



What’s the difference between this and getting feedback in a Facebook group?

Time and attention. I look at your copy multiple times, using a process similar to my daily writing approach. The video that you receive explains my recommendations and thought process in detail.

What if I’m not a freelance writer?

Business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs who have copy written can use the feedback for yourself or whoever you hire.

How long does it take?

3 days from order to delivery.