Killer Copy Critiques

Quick, actionable feedback for busy entrepreneurs.

I’ll analyze your copy to help you:

  • Find the parts that don’t sound right

  • Make a stronger first impression

  • Fix the order & structure

  • Wipe out any generic words/phrases


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You put hours (and hours and hours) into your copy.

And as much as you’d like to continue staring into your screen wondering what the hell is missing…

…you’ve got to launch.

Your event is next week. Your program launches in a few days. Your website was supposed to be done yesterday.

You’ve done all you can.

Now let me at it.

I’ll give you detailed, actionable feedback on your website, landing page, or blog content so you can make your edits and keep it moving.

How it works:

1 - Submit your Copy

Copy/paste it in a message, upload a document, share a Google doc, or provide a live URL.

  • Up to 500 words - $100

  • 500-1000 words - $180

  • 1000-2000 words - $300

2 - Tell me what you’re looking for

Is your copy too verbose? Unsure about the order? Not salesy enough? Too salesy? Just straight up boring? Let me know.

3 - Publish with Confidence

Get your critique back in 5 business days. You’ll get a video analysis + comments and suggestions so you can start editing immediately.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

A fresh set of eyes can really do wonders.

Your friends and colleagues mean well, but generic feedback like “this part needs work” is not going to help you launch.

If you want to get unstuck and finish your project, get critiqued by a pro.

For $50, you’ll know exactly what to edit so you can launch with confidence.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Copy critiques are ideal for business leaders who…

…are getting ready to launch their professional website

…have a landing page that needs to go live

…need to send an important sales email to their list

…have a big Facebook/Instagram ad to share with their audience

….are getting ready to send their “final first draft” to a client.

I’ll tell you what to change, and how to change it.

You've already spent thousands on design and development. You're gonna put thousands more into your ad spend.

This is the step you need to take before publishing to maximize your budget.

Consider this copy critique an insurance policy.


A small investment now will shave hours off the time it takes to edit and launch.

Let me help get your copy where it needs to be.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Who is this for?

Business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs who have copy written can use the feedback for yourself or whoever you hire.

Can you be my writer?

Maybe. Send me a message.

How fast can you give me a critique?

Standard turnaround is 5 business days.

Can you do rush orders?

Yeah, depending on my availability and the project. Message me for rush orders.

Is there a guarantee?

If my critique isn’t helpful , I’ll give back all your money.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed