Working side by side to improve your writing and grow your business.

- How to identify and target the right person to pitch

- Choosing the right software and growth tools

- How to be persuasive, not salesy

- Find your genuine writing voice, unique to you and your story

- Make sure your visuals match the story your copy creates

- Creating a daily/weekly schedule to work in your business AND on your business

Break free and explore your creative side.


Writing has given me the freedom to explore those cool, random ideas that really excite me. Creating a base and foundation as a freelancer allowed me the time and flexibility to live in over 7 different countries, spend time on passion projects that fulfilled my artist side, and more.

If you’ve shown an ability to write, and you’re willing to put some time into setting things up right, let’s talk.

While I do have a coaching foundation that I use to help you improve, the exact structure will depend on you and your goals.

Here is a sample 12 week schedule for a new freelance copywriter:

Week 1-2: Discovery / Niche + Targeting

Week 2-4: Website Messaging & Setup

Week 4-6: Portfolio

Week 6-7: Services & Packages

Week 7-8: Social Media Setup

Week 8-9: Tools + Automation setup

Week 9-10: Pitch strategy + Implementation

Week 10-12: Content Strategy

Sometimes I can help in just one session, and sometimes we work together over the course of a few months. Fill out the form and let’s see if there’s a fit.

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