Buy. My. Day.

When you need a full day of get sh*t done.

8 hours of my copywriting brain to help you:

  • Tackle any outstanding tasks or projects

  • Bring clarity & structure to your marketing and sales strategy

  • Find (and fix) your biggest revenue opportunities


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


“I seriously need to get this done.”

A dangerously easy thing to say for a growing business owner.

Sales are up and people are taking notice of all the work you’ve put in…but that pile of marketing tasks is getting a bit judgy.

New website copy. Yeah, when I find some time.

Update those product features. Ah yea - next week for sure.

New email flows. Damn, forgot about that one.

Launch your lead gen campaign. Lord have mercy.

There’s a lot to do, and usually, no solid plan to actually get it done.

And since you’re running a lean business…

…everyone’s hands are tied with the other stuff — sales, growth, customer happiness.

So rather than scope out individual projects, hold interviews and get samples from individual writers, and deal with the back-and-forth + first, second, and third rounds of revisions…

…bring me in for a day and let’s knock it all out.


As your copywriter for the day, I’ll demolish your to-do list and bring clarity to your marketing.

How it works:

1 - Jump Off Call

First we’ll break down the day’s work. Give me access to any documents/accounts, share any resources, and tell me how I can make your life easier for those 8 heavenly hours.

You can either give me a task list, or if you’re not clear on the scope, I can help strategize the day to figure out where to get those wins.

2 - Pure, unadulterated WORK TIME

I get to work. 9-5 or 10-6 is the usual window, with an hour for lunch.

3 - Wrap Up

At the end of the day, I’ll share everything I worked on via Google Docs. That includes any notes, recommendations, and action items to keep the momentum going.

What we can get done in a day:

Just to give you an idea.

Example 1:

Lead Gen Day

  • a full landing page

  • an on-boarding sequence

  • 2-3 ad variations

Value = $2300

Example 2:

Website Refresh

  • a new home page

  • a new about page

  • a new product/services page

Value = $2150

All that value for just a fraction of the price. When the day’s over and you see everything we got done, you’ll be dancin’ like James.


Full days are ideal for businesses who…

…know they need a refresh, but don’t have time to scope out each project.

…have a product launch coming up and need to sweep through all their marketing.

…just built out their new website and need the rest of their marketing to match.

…feel overwhelmed by their marketing and just need a partner to bring some structure and sanity to the business.

One day can get you on track for the month, quarter, and beyond.*

*Metrics matter. Before and after we work together, I’ll help track and optimize where it counts.


Persuasion (aka copy that MOVES your audience) is core to everything I do.

I won’t just write cute copy that’ll make you sound good. I’ll write copy (and create strategies) to make sure your audience takes action. Believe that.

Bring me in and let’s make some magic.


- Tyler K

Your friendly somewhere-in-the-world copywriter.

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Who is this for?

Business owners with multiple projects that would rather knock everything out in one fell swoop, rather than piece everything together over weeks/months.

Can you come into the office?

I’ll most likely be more productive working remotely, but if you really want me to come work in-house for a day, send me an email. And unless you happen to be in my city, flight costs will apply.

Is there a guarantee?

Hard to guarantee a full day of my work. But I definitely won’t leave you hanging. I’ll stay in touch as long as needed to see my projects through.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed