Pillars vs Long Form Content


Taking “10x content” to the next level.

Compared to traditional long form content, pillars provide a more solid foundation for your marketing efforts. They give shorter, more specific articles a foundation to point back to.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say one of your core topics is digital marketing.

Your pillar piece, “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing” is a 5,000 word guide that covers everything your audience should know.

Once that pillar is set, you move onto cluster content — shorter articles that cover more specific digital marketing topics, but link back to the pillar. So 4 of your first cluster articles could be:

  • The Best Agency Software for Digital Marketing

  • 5 Expert Quotes about the Future of Digital Marketing

  • How to Optimize your Company’s Digital Marketing

  • 6 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Drive More Business

You get the idea. Every piece of cluster content has digital marketing as the focus. Within every article are multiple links to the pillar guide, accumulating SEO juice and telling Google that you are an expert on digital marketing.

It’s as simple as that.


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Tyler Koenig