It was 2013, and I just finished teaching in Korea.

Teaching was super fun, and for a 21 year-old freshly graduated knuckle head, Seoul was bad-ass.

The culture was amazing — especially as a half-Korean kid that was never really exposed to it beyond my mom’s cooking and the dangly flag ornament on my rearview mirror.


I came very close to returning to Korea for another year of teaching, but alas I returned to South Florida.

I worked a couple odd jobs (including selling meat - HA, I was terrible at it) until eventually I decided to take up my aunt’s offer of applying to work where she did.

That company, known as The Sovereign Society at the time, happened to be a multi-million dollar publishing company. Even cooler — it was a subsidiary of Agora, a multi-billion dollar publishing empire.

My official title was “Digital Content Strategist.”

And that’s what I did.

PPC ads, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, landing pages, sales page, sales letters — you name it, I learned it.

I’ve always been somewhat of a tech nerd, but with Sovereign I saw how all that tech makes billions of dollars for publishers that don’t have a single physical product.

At the core of it all was copywriting.

Specifically, direct-response copywriting. You know, those Gary Halbert-type letters that make $20 million just from a couple email sends.

Not only did I see $20 million dollar sales campaigns. I helped market and distribute them.

Sovereign was awesome, but I had an itch. And it was a two-part itch. 1) I wanted to get back to California and 2) I wanted to not have a boss.

Ideally, never again.

So, I quit my job, secured my first freelance client, and moved to Los Angeles.

(Now the story speeds up a bit.)

After starting and stopping and growing and killing a whole mess of digital marketing projects, in addition to growing my freelance writing career, I got up and moved again.

In August 2017, I sold everything in my apartment, gave my car to a friend to hold onto, and bought a one-way ticket to Medellín, Colombia.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the start of 13 months of living in Colombia and across Europe. A digital nomad, if you will. (<< the most cringe term of all time but…it’s accurate.)

I got to host copywriting workshops, work in amazing locations, and meet entrepreneurs from all over the world who were killing it in so many different ways.

Untitled design (15).png

Now, I’m back in California. Again.

I’m still writing copy, but now I’m also helping other freelancers get busy.

I wanna help the huge segment of our generation that

  • has something to say

  • wants to run their own business

  • likes money

Because, well… there is zero barrier to this freelance writer thing. Even if you don’t necessarily want to make a career of writing, it’s not a bad gig while you figure things out and, more importantly, enjoy your muh-fuggin’ life.

Since starting my freelance writing career 4 years ago, I’ve lived in 7 different countries, been involved in various creative projects within my real interests, and scheduled my day as I pleased.

Anyway, that’s my story.

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Talk to ya.